LAST ONE! Poochie Pouch - Hot Pink Crushed Velvet

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A Luxurious Super Stunning Pet sleeping bag/ Snuggle pouch

This Snuggle pouch is made from a heavy weight thick Crushed velvet upholstery Fabric on the outside and has our Luxury super thick Bright white Faux fur inside.

Crushed velvet is Glitzy giving a amazing Glamorous look.

The Faux fur  fabric is 100% Acrylic long pile Bunny Thick Silky smooth Luxury faux fur giving our pouches the higest quality feel of comfort.

Your pet will feel truly spoilt with these Heavenly cosy sleeping pouches.

Pouches are 28" wide giving your pet plenty of space to get inside and are  21" making sure there is enough room inside.

Poochiepouches are all Reversible and washable!

Yes reverse if you wish, pull out the fur inside and use as a blanket alternative by day and simply pop fur back inside to use as a sleeping bag at night!

Pouches are versitile, Self heating and Mobile. Take anywhere you wish, In the car, To the shops, Can carry your pet around inside it, Or simply use everywhere at home, in your pets bed in their crates, mats,dens,chairs and just about anywhere :)

Washable please wash on a cold wash only - Leave to dry - Then brush faux fur - Simple!

We hope your furbaby has many snuggles in one of our Poochiepouches